Send Money

It's free to send and receive money,
wherever, whenever



Instantly send money to almost anyone with a mobile phone number, e-mail address and bank account number – even if they aren't a TD Bank customer. There are never any fees.


Waiting for your friend to pay you back for dinner? It's easy to request money from others – just send them a message and they'll receive instructions on how to pay you.

Quick, easy and always free

Log in to Online Banking and sign up for Send Money using your current e-mail. Then just add contacts using their e-mail or mobile number.

Here's what you need

In order to use Send Money, you need a TD Bank personal checking or money market account, an e-mail address, and a mobile number. You'll need a TD Bank Visa® Debit Card to make instant transfers.

Collapse Important disclosures

Send Money is available for most personal checking and money market accounts. External transfer services are available for most personal checking, money market and savings accounts. To use either of these services you must have an Online Banking profile with a U.S. address, a unique U.S. phone number, an active unique e-mail address, and a Social Security Number. Your eligible personal deposit account must be active and enabled for ACH transactions and Online Banking transfers. To perform instant transfers a TD Bank Visa® Debit Card is required. Fees may apply depending on delivery options.

For more information, read the Terms and Conditions.

External transfers and Send Money are only available in English in secure Online Banking.